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Throughout January, we’ve been asking all our friends a question: what are you passionate about?

We’ve already heard from neuroscientists who love healing people and Googlers who love voltage, but today we take a look at the scientists,¬†technologists, artists, fighters and lovers from Twitter for their passions.

Mark Hahnel from data sharing site Figshare wants to accelerate research:

I have a #passion for trying to rid the world of inefficient science. Its very do-able and we will get there #sameas http://figshare.comless than a minute ago via web

James Philips just wants to make an impact:

Making a massive positive impact (quiet or loud!) #passion #sameasless than a minute ago via web

Cathy loves to create!

what am I passionate about? making things #sameas #passionless than a minute ago via web

Ian Mulvany from Mendeley get’s poetic:

is #passion not the #sameas solving problems? curiosity dies as we do. From sunsets to sine waves, life’s but the sum of a series of momentsless than a minute ago via web

Paul is no nonsense. He’s getting things done:

Let us know what you’re passionate about: simply post a picture, video or tweet tagged with #passion.

We’ll continue to feature the best here.


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January 23, 2011 at 7:37 pm

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