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Meeting interesting people and music – Tuesday passions

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Today’s passions come to us from two dear friends of sameAs: Eva Amsen of The Node and David de Roure of the Oxford e-Research Centre.

Eva’s passion? Meeting interesting people. Her contribution comes to us in the form of an image, and speaks to an event she’s working to organise – the first SciBarCamp Cambridge (UK).

She sends along the following explanation:

“Even though I can be quite happy sitting quietly in the background, I love crowds and groups. One of my passions is getting interesting people to talk to each other. After doing just that at the 2009 SciBarCamp in Toronto, we asked all participants to fill out a survey. One of the last questions was an optional open question, where we simply asked what they liked best. I collated all the answers, turned them into a wordcloud, and this was the result.

The image speaks for itself, and describes exactly the best possible outcome of the event and the aspect of it that I myself was most passionate about: meeting interesting people.

(On another level, this submission also reflects a love for information graphics and typography. )”

Thanks, Eva! If any of you in the Cambridge area are interested in helping her organise, drop her a note at @easternblot.

David also sent us his passion in the form of an image. His passion? Music (or rather a piece of music in the process of being understood). See the video of his November sameAs talk on the SALAMI project for the full story 😉

Thanks to you both! We still have a few more passions to feature, and do keep them coming. We’ll be rolling this deadline out through the next few months.

Also, check for more information about our next in-person event on February 21. The topic is “education”. Will we see you there?


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